Gemmy YEF-60 Replacement Fan, Base and Lights
Gemmy YEF-60 Replacement Fan, Base and Lights

Gemmy YEF-60 Replacement Fan, Base and Lights

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Gemmy Replacement YEF-60 Fan, Bases and Lights
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Replacement Inflatable Parts

Gemmy Replacement Fan and Lights with Base


Model# YEF-60


Put this Replacement Fan in your Inflatable and Brighten your Holiday Spirit!


This Item comes with one Fan that will be required to be plugged in to stay inflated.  Its recommend use is for 6 Feet to 8 Feet Tall Inflatable’s. It is up to you to check your specifications on your fan to see if they are compatible.  It Includes 1 Blower with Attached Base and a 5 bulb Light string.


 Easy assembly!

Specs: AC 120V 60 Hz 0.41A 48.4W 3070RPM

Made for indoor or outdoor use!

Please check your Specs before Purchasing as there are no returns on Replacement Parts!


Please NOTE:

If Your Fan still works but does not blow up the inflatable tight, usually the fan is not the problem.  What happens is, over time, the fabric gets more porous and allows air to escape naturally through the Fabric. We have not found a way to seal the fabric and a new fan does not remedy the problem.


Buy with confidence knowing you are buying this brand and a company that has been around for over 19+ years.

Actual item may vary slightly from the picture.

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