Gemmy YEF-200-2015 Replacement Fan, Base, Lights, Rotator

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Gemmy YEF-200-2015 Replacement Fan, Bases, Lights, Rotator
Part Number: 47817-2015
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If this item is on your order, The entire order will ship 12/11/2015

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If more are placed on the order, it will be canceled.  

Gemmy Replacement Fan, White Lights, Colored Lights, with Base and Rotating Mechanism!
Model YEF-200-2015


It is Up to you to check the specifications on your fan to see if it is a match! There will be no returns for a fan that does not fit, have enough power or change your mind!!



 1 YEF-200-2015 Blower

1 Removable (plug in type) Light string with 10 Lights (see Picture)

1- 18 1/2ft colored light string (First 9' has no lights then there are 20 colored lights on the last 9 1/2ft)

1 Rotating Mechanism ( it continuously rotates in one direction)

63.753 mmH2O Gemmy replacement fan YEF-200

The light string is approximately 13' from motor to end.

Please See The Specifications Picture.

This is ALL the information we have about this fan.



If your fan still works but does not blow up the inflatable tight, Usually the fan is not the problem.  What happens is, over time, the fabric gets more porous and allows the air to escape naturally through the fabric. We have not found a way to seal the fabric and a new fan does not remedy the problem.  

Yard Inflatables Inc. will not Responsible for any damage due to improper wiring or any other modification to this fan once it leaves our warehouse!

The colored light string and the rotator can be removed.

Please consult a licensed electrician to make any modifications to this produce.


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