Return Policy

  1. There are NO returns accepted without a return authorization number (RAN)!
  2. CUSTOMER is responsible for all return shipping costs.
  3.  If you or the receiver refuses a shipment upon delivery you will be refunded ONLY the purchase price of the item minus ALL shipping cost and a 15% restocking charge.
  4.  You CAN NOT purchase an item to see if you like it, or if it fits in a space where you want to display it, etc. etc. . You should try Wal-mart or Kmart if you need this kind of return policy.  We do NOT adhere to those policies!!
  5.  Items are covered for 5 days against manufacturers defect from the DELIVERY date. So OPEN the item and check it out as soon as it arrives!  This  includes But not limited to: rips, tears, holes, fans not working, and cosmetic blemishes.  There are absolutely NO returns after the holiday.  So if there is a problem, the defective item MUST be returned before the holiday it is intended for. For Example:  A Christmas item MUST arrive back to Yard Inflatables no later than December 24th: Valentines Inflatables, February 13th, ect,ect.. There are NO exceptions!
  6. ANY claim MUST be emailed to Yard Inflatables Inc. PRIOR to that holiday! (Example) you bought and Uncle Sam before July 4th.  You can NOT use the item for the holiday and then contact us and say there is a cosmetic or some other problem with the item after the holiday!
  7. It is up to the consumer to deflate the inflatable in inclimate weather: Including High winds, thunderstorms, Ice storms, ect. Do not reinflate until the weather has calmed.  Do NOT reinflate until all Ice has melted fromm your inflatable. If you try to inflate or remove the ice by hand before the ice has melted, your inflatable may rip or tear and this IS NOT covered under any return policy.  Also do NOT set up your inflatable under trees!  Falling limbs or other objects that puncture the inflatable are NOT covered either!
  8. In the very rare case of Yard Inflatables Inc. shipping the incorrect item, the manufacturer put the wrong item in the package, or the item has a manufactures defect ect.ect. Yard inflatables will repair or replace or refund the item at their option.  If the item is to be shipped back to the customer, the shipping method will be chosen by Yard Inflatables Inc. to get the item back to you.
  9. There are NO inflatables on this site that are guaranteed to stand by themselves, by just plugging them in, without any help making them stand. DO NOT buy them thinking they will. This is not a defect and is NOT returnable.